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"I’ve been using Silver Thrush and previously NT-dry for a few years now. It is really easy to use and I’ve had great results with my Clydesdale x’s feet. She suffers with quite deep heel cracks and prone to mud rash.

Over the last year I have successfully fully healed her hind rear frog and have nearly healed her front frog too. It has taken time but the cracks in the sulcas were deep. Within a few days of use the cracks dry and I use the hoof pick brush to get the powder deep in the crack. You can see the crack closing as you continue using.

I’m a pharmacist by profession and this method of treatment makes sense. Fungus loves wet, warm conditions so the idea of washing the area constantly like many other treatments suggest seems wrong. This powder drys the area and silver has been shown to inhibit microbial growth. This product makes conditions really unfavourable for the fungus, which in my opinion is why it works.

Easy to use with great results.

I’ve tried to take some pictures so you can see the results. Thanks"

J. Harrison and Lil (January 2018)




"I just wanted, as promised, to give you feedback on your amazing product (Silver Thrush), we found you at Your Horse Live and you kindly talked us through helping our gorgeous pony who was lame through thrush and cracked heel bulbs. We have used the powder for the last few weeks and are thrilled to let you know he is now sound and the before and after photos I have attached. Our farrier was very impressed and am not sure you will remember us but we are located by Leahurst Equine University. I will be highly recommending your powder (Silver Thrush) to the vets on our yard!!! Thank you so much, we will continue with it until he is 100 per cent."

Sarah, Cheshire


 "Our cob had recurring bouts of thrush, even though we did our best to try and prevent them. Since using NT-Dry and Silver Thrush we have had no further incidences. NT-Dry and Silver Thrush are our products of choice for the treatment and prevention of thrush."

Jean and Elena Westerman, Sheffield



"I am very pleased with the NT-Dry I purchased through Equus Imports Ltd. It helps my horse finally getting rid of the deep thrush that resisted all the products used before and go sound again.

Thank you very much for the quick shipment and the support from your sales office."

Franziska, Switzerland


"I would like to say how impressed I am at the speed with which you fulfilled my order. The product arrived just as ordered, earlier than I expected it, and it appears to be working as advertised.
I will certainly order from you again, and probably some more of this product (Silver Thrush)."
Carol, Nottingham



"This product is absolutely amazing- my horse suffers from thrush and deep grooves in the heels as he has boxy white feet. Keeping his hooves in perfect condition in muddy Ireland is tough! 

The NT- Dry has got rid of the thrush but it's also helping closing those heels. I have used it diligently for 2 weeks everyday then reduced to 3 times a week and it is keeping it all under control. I got in touch with the company for advice- they reckoned bad cases can be sorted in 60 days if used properly. So far the product has delivered on what it claims."
Gaby, Ireland


"You have excellent postage and package terms. I live in Sweden and I received my order fast without any problems. I will definitely recommend Equus Imports Ltd to my Swedish and International horse friends.

Thank You!"

J. Sundberg, Sweden

"Genuinely impressed, what an amazing product (NT Dry)! Dried my horses feet up."

Bex, UK


 "Hello from sweden! I bought the Silver Feet from you through Ebay. I was surprised by the short delivery time. A big thank you from a very satisfied customer."

S. Wistrand, Sweden


"I recently purchased the Equi-N-ice Rug for my endurance horse, we have started doing longer distances and have found this to be perfect: no mess, no wet back to rub when putting the saddle back on. Easy to use, easy to carry, also great if you have a horse that hates getting wet. Sum up word FANTASTIC!"   

L. Lithgow


"Since using Equi-touch gloves my hands have returned to the soft lady like hands I had before owning horses"

NC. Hampshire


"I keep several pairs of Equi-touch gloves around the yard, in my coat pockets and in the barn so I always have a pair ready to put on when I need them."

CN. Windsor


"Used Hoofcast on Saturday, so easy to apply, my poor boy was so sore before the application - I managed to ride him yesterday for the first time in over a week - brilliant!"

Kim C, Derbyshire


"I am a hunter/jumper trainer in Bell Canyon CA. and have been using NT-DRY on all my horses feet for quite some time now. NT-DRY has been excellent. Now I’ve found NT Canine! I’m using this with great success on the excessive moisture buildup in my dogs ears. I used to make many trips to my veterinarian during the year for this moisture problem, only to have to go back again and again . I decided to try NT Canine in her ears and within a few applications her head shaking stopped and the moisture was gone. I use it now only once a week to keep the moisture away and it has proved to be a great product. My dog is much happier and so am I !!! I would highly recommend these products to all my horse and dog friends. Thanks so much"

Barbara Vasilaros, Hunter Haven Farms


"This product (NT-Dry) in my experience is the best on the market! Why didn't I spot it sooner! One extremely happy customer."

A. Bone


Silver Thrush has been a godsend for my horses.  Deep seated thrush and soundness have been dramatically improved using this product.  It is easy and safe to use and is now something that I will always have on my shelf.  Excellent customer service too from Equus Imports”