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Revolutionary Skin and Ear Relief. All Natural treatment for dog Hot Spots, Skin Problems, Cuts and Abrasions, Bug Bites, and Ear Relief.




From the Makers of NT-DRY * THE FIRST EVER DRY EQUINE FORMULA comes a natural pet product that will forever change the way you treat canine hot spots, cuts and abrasions, flea and bug bites, as well as most ear irritations, which tend to escalate due to moisture buildup under the ear flaps and in the canal.

NT-CANINE™ is a patent pending, All Natural powder. It's light-as-air formula with multiple clays, herbs and mineral salts can be used to aid healing of nearly all pet skin aliments.

Testimonial I am a hunter/jumper trainer in Bell Canyon CA. and have been using NT-DRY on all my horses feet for quite some time now. NT-DRY has been excellent. Now I’ve found NT Canine! I’m using this with great success on the excessive moisture buildup in my dogs ears. I used to make many trips to my veterinarian during the year for this moisture problem, only to have to go back again and again . I decided to try NT Canine in her ears and within a few applications her head shaking stopped and the moisture was gone. I use it now only once a week to keep the moisture away and it has proved to be a great product. My dog is much happier and so am I !!! I would highly recommend these products to all my horse and dog friends. Thanks so much.......... Sincerely, Barbara Vasilaros, Hunter Haven Farms

NT Canine is a clean white powder that won't stain carpeting and furniture (like sprays and creams). Any spill can be swept or vacuumed. It absorbs and dries the breeding ground of fungus and bacteria, stopping the spread.. Meanwhile the copper salts directly attack the problem area. NT Canine is also excellent for dogs with recurring ear problems. Puff a small amount into the ear to draw out the wetness of low-grade infections. Amazing results in 1-3 days. NT should also be used for "Maintenance" by dusting the underside of the ear flap once or twice a week. This eliminates the warm moisture that later becomes a problem. NT is also recommended as ear maintenance for "swimming dogs," who so often have ear and coat problems. And finally, dust on the coat of dogs with "smelly, fungus laden coats". NT Canine knocks down the smell caused from all sorts of skin conditions...... Of course don't forget to use NT Canine on bug, flea, bee and spider bites - which often cause aggravation and turn into hot spots.

It is safe to say that most of you have found NT Canine and this web site out of shear desperation. You have likely tried all the possible current ointments and sprays available at the pet store, and finally when that didn't work, your vet prescribed expensive medications such as cortisone creams and steroid shots - So now you have spent a week's wages, yet you are still having problems.

NT-Canine eliminates the use of caustic and harmful chemicals on your pet. A secondary benefit is that we will no longer bring those same chemicals and messy ointments into our home where they get rubbed and imbedded into the furniture.

NT Canine takes only seconds to apply and it is easy to use. You don't need to wash the area first. In fact the drier the coat the better. There is no slimy aftermath, and any spill can be easily swept with a whisk broom.

NT CANINE is All Natural (important to most of us these days!), it is safe, easy to use, and it works! Try it once and you will never go back to ointment and sprays.

Normally retails at £9.99 but because the expiry date on the product has passed we are selling these at 30% off. The product can still be used, the product doesn't really expire but a date has to be added to the packaging.

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